Always taking care of safety, for these walks HOOP-LA produce bespoke ‘high-vis’ bags for walkers to wear, each of which contains a map and Field Book documenting local history, with space to make drawings and take notes.  We pre-accessorise the route, adding rope hand rails to support steep access up in-formal tracks to hidden places, and along the way we place ‘venue appropriate’ snacks. HOOP-LA Guided Walks are often associated with festivals and larger events, a little piece of place based advocacy disguised as art or entertainment!

Field Book, 2018
Developed for the 2018 Whau Arts Festival, HOOP-LA hosted Field Book, a guided walk heralding stage two of Te Whau Pathway. Following the Whau River from Rizal Reserve to the festival base at Riversdale Park, we collaborated with artist Lea Schlatter to make fold up paper landscapes and had Filipino treats by the surprising plaque commemorating Dr. Jose Rizal, a hero of Filipino independence and a meeting place for Filipino Aucklanders. Under the Ash Street bridge we found a one-man band performing in this great acoustic space, and at Te Wiata street we listened to song by Inia Te Wiata, the great opera singer after which this small cul-de-sac is named.

Avondale Loop Walk, 12 October, 2018.
Developed for the Auckland Heritage Festival, HOOP-LA hosted an Avondale Loop Walk, a guided walk that circumnavigated the Avondale Racecourse. Co-hosted by the Avondale Jockey Club, we explored their labyrinthine grandstands and function rooms, and delved into their rich archives. We took afternoon tea in the Marshall’s Room before braving stormy weather to traverse the looping course through the surrounding suburb and the future Te Whau Pathway connection.