Field Day was a collaborative project between HOOP-LA and the Western Suburbs Radio Club (ZL1AC). HOOP-LA have long been fascinated by a small building that sits next to the Whau River at 3000 Great North Road in New Lynn, on a sliver of land tucked between a power pylon and a huge red balloon. This diminutive building has been the home of the Western Suburbs Radio Club for over fifty years.

The Western Suburbs Radio Club is a group of enthusiasts who have an interest in radio communications. The appeal of amateur radio (sometimes known as ham radio) is the ability to communicate far and wide, across the country and around the globe.

For Field Day the clubrooms were opened to the public, memorabilia and archival material was on display, and club members were on hand to demonstrate radio communications in operation. A refreshing afternoon tea was provided by HOOP-LA to those who came along, some of whom had ‘bush-bashed’ their way alongside the Whau River as part of Walkie Talkie (a guided walk led by artist Christina Houghton) or after short tour of the surrounding suburb in a boy racer’s car, complete with booming bass beats, as part of artist and DJ Aniwaniwa’s project Club Boom Boom.

For HOOP-LA, opening up overlooked neighbourhood spaces to the public, and working with local clubs and groups is a way to bring about ‘ultra-local’ connections.