Tena koutou katoa, nau mai, haere mai.

HOOP-LA is the independent collective of Nina Patel and Kathy Waghorn. With a background in art, architecture, urban research and place activation, HOOP-LA collaborate with others to develop public realm initiatives in our neighbourhood of Tamaki Makaurau Auckland.

HOOP-LA is not an acronym, it is a word meaning an excited activity, a commotion or hullabaloo. And this is what we aim for, the generation of a little bit of a commotion… that just might prompt further action.

HOOP-LA specialise in the use of opportunistic tactics, tailoring our work to our means and seeking available resources and allies to support what we do.

Kathy Waghorn, BFA, BAS, BArch(hons), PhD.

Kathy is a Senior Lecturer in architecture at the University of Auckland. Her PhD (from RMIT Melbourne) looked closely at the ethics and tactics we have developed through Hoop-la’s work. Kathy lives with her family in Kelston, across the river from Nina.

Nina Patel, BArch(hons) , MUrb Des(hons).

Nina is an urban designer with Motu Design who are experienced at working on a range of projects from community workshops, medium density housing and complex urban projects, inclusive of landscape design. Nina lives with her family on the banks of Te Whau river in Rosebank. 

The HOOP-LA logo was created by artist Janet Lilo, thanks Janet!

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